Need a better working ac device

House hunting can really leave you strained and frustrated. Several months could pass with no results yielded, then suddenly you’ve got several weird options that seem perfect for you. I’m not sure which is more difficult to deal with. After all, if there’s no fantastic housing options, all you can do is keep looking. If you choose the wrong house though, or the surrounding neighborhood turns out to be low-rent and riddled with crime, you will be stuck with regret! This one place I found has this incredible deck around the back of the house, but the central A/C unit is busted. The oil furnace works perfectly fine, but the A/C machinery is old and falling apart by the day. A couple grand would need to go into replacing the air conditioning equipment altogether! The other option has a perfectly functioning Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, but no awesome deck. What do I choose – the hot house with a cool deck, or the cool house with no deck? I spent a lot of time considering my options, but decided I would take the home with the non-functional A/C. I can always replace an A/C unit, but the landed costs of a deck like the one at this house would be dramatically higher to bankroll!