Need a really good HVAC unit set up

I can remember when I first met my wife. That’s when I was a pizza delivery guy, and I was delivering pizza to this awesome house one evening. She opened the door, and I was just struck with something that I never saw before. She was such a beautiful young woman! It was freezing outside so she said I could come in while her friends got the cash together for the pizza. They were having a little party or something, and it seemed that the parents were out of town. While her friends were getting the payment for me together, her and I talked for a while. I even made her laugh a few times, especially when I told her how nice her HVAC system was because it was nice and toasty in her home. Her dad consistently wanted the best, she said, and paid to have a top-of-the-line HVAC system installed. They even signed up with an HVAC repair company to keep the equipment in excellent shape. There also was a programmable thermostat which was so hi-tech. I seriously wished I could stick around, but I would have had to quit my job to hang out with this girl. I knew that would be highly irresponsible, and how could she respect a guy who abandons his post like that? When the cash for the pizza was brought to me, I told them it was a real pleasure. I was glad to see that the girl slipped her number on a piece of paper between the bills!