Need great ac in the south

When watching television programs or movies which take place in the south they always portray the south as this warm sunny paradise.  They also make it appear as if life in general moves at half the speed as everywhere else. This is one reasons it constantly appealed to me to be honest. Or maybe it was just all that sunshine, because where I grew up in the far north, we had more freezing days than warm, and more grey skies then blue.  When I got the opportunity to transfer to a new call center in the deep south, I jumped at the chance. My first day there, I realized that tv had shown me the best parts of southern weather, and there was another aspect to it that I had yet to learn. The greatest lesson is that the summer heat is only tolerable when you have an air conditioning system you can run to at any time, but being stuck in the sun with no escape, and no way of cooling available, is hell on earth. The air conditioning system systems in both my condo and my car have to be fully checked, and are ready to roll at any time I need them. Within a month I found myself yearning for the long freezing winter of the north, as I hunkered over my air vents and tried to cool myself off. The change was hard for me at first, and I spent a lot of time not moving, and just sitting in from of an AC doing nothing for hours on end. Over time I have become more acclimated to the southern heat, but I still make sure that I have a now working air conditioning system within close proximity.