No more landlords messing with my HVAC

When I used to live in an apartment a little while ago, I never tried to learn any household maintenance skills. Every single time something went wrong, I just called the landlord! That was all I would ever do, plus then I would complain if it took too long to fix the drawback. Fixing things myself never really occurred to me, and why would it, isn’t that what you pay a landlord for? But once I got a nice place of my own eventually, a real beach residence of my own, then I became truly interested in all the skills I could learn! Now I can unclog a drain basically on my own, change out blown fuses, plus even do some minor Heating in addition to A/C upkeep without any professional help in the slightest. I am by no means a master of the heating plus cooling machine, however at least I have  picked up a few things in the last year. My old landlord would come by once a week to change out the air filters, for example, plus now I can do that all on my own. Changing the air filter in your AC device doesn’t seem like much, however it seemed like a lot to me! Another little thing I learned was that thermostats actually use batteries. In the past, if the AC stopped finally working or the heating shut down, I would call the landlord basically every time. I didn’t even know that climate control units were battery powered. Now I know, so if the HVAC machine goes out the first thing I do is check the thermostat just to see if the problem is easy to fix.

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