Not sure about our current HVAC

As our hubby plus I are renovating our apartment, all of us are striving to find ways to make our apartment spacious. The two of us have removed a few walls which makes a sizable improvement. We have also learned how to raise the ceilings in the main room of the apartment! The only potential concern with that is that there is Heating plus Air Conditioning duct work up in there. We would have to place the Heating and Air Conditioning unit to somewhere such as the attic. Along with the walls, lights, paint, and decorations, it will be very expensive to reach out goal. I don’t legitimately recognize everything the company said to us. Seeing all the work made my brain feel like it would overload. There was a lot happening. I’m just happy for the project to be resolved so that all of us can start living in our apartment! My hubby plus I discussed the necessity of the ceiling height when all of us acquired the apartment. Ultimately, adding that couple of feet, even though it is expensive because of the Heating plus Air Conditioning situation, will make a large improvement. This condo needs more space to be comfortable. It demands to be open plus ventilated, plus I wish for it to be full of light. That additional expense to replace the Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts is going to be worth it once all of us are standing in our open main room that is full of natural light. It’s going to recognize so open plus attractive, but my hubby doesn’t think it is necessary. But I know more about how a room should feel anyways.

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