Not sure what to do about their HVAC

Over the past two years, I have planned out my trip to Europe in detail. I was so excited to be taking this trip of a lifetime. I literally saved for years. I researched every tiny little aspect of this adventure. It was my first time going to Europe, or leaving the country for that matter. I was determined to do it right! The only thing that I did not account on was that I would go into early menopause in the middle of summer. Normally, there are few symptoms and this wouldn’t be for someone, but, when I realized I would be going through hot flashes in a country that doesn’t necessarily utilize air conditioning, that was another story. I had planned and booked all my hotels ages ago. I was locked into these stays. And, not a single one, had air conditioning in the rooms. I had not thought about this as a problem before. The heat never bothered me much at home and if it did, I had a window fan that I would just turn on for air. Well, when menopause hit, I experienced heat on a totally new level! I lived and breathed for air conditioning, especially at night.  I just couldn’t imagine months of summer temperatures in Europe with no a/c. I was devastated at this predicament after all of my planning and saving! But, I wasn’t about to supply up our dream getaway either. I went online plus decided to do a little maneuvering. I was able to switch half of my hotel stays to rooms with a/c. The price increase wasn’t even that terrible either. I was so glad, that my trip was not going to be totally ruined.

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