Now I can run the a/c more

I was really nervous about starting a work-from-home company with my wife. I love her to death, but I also appreciate the space I have away from her. Since we started working from home, I never leave the house so I never get to come home to her! Other than a lack of space, the business has actually been fairly successful so far. My wife has a knack for talking to people, empathizing and being personable with them, which makes her a talented salesperson. One thing becoming problematic for us is our disputes over the thermostat settings. Challenging as it is to get job done while uncomfortable, she says I run the A/C too much, too often. I tried to meet her in the middle by turning the temperature control up a little bit, but it was still cooling the room too much for her, or so she says. When I turned the system off entirely as she wanted, the room quickly became stuffy and hot, leaving me dripping with sweat. Difference in our preferences for climate control settings were starting to cause a schism, and it took some negotiations to make it work out. I cleared out the utility room in addition to turning it into a private office for her, which seems to be the compromise we needed. Hopefully that’s going to stick, otherwise working from home might be too stressful for me!

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