Pure air filter for the home

Growing up I was a clutz but, I was always a healthy as a kid. I mean, trips to the ER for an ankle sprain were normal but I never really came down with colds or flu. As I got older, I started to develop allergies which was weird to me because I had never been allergic to anything.  My Dad took me to the doctors to get some tests done and blood drawn only to find out that I am allergic to mold! This set off a Spring cleaning session like I never imagined could happen. Mom had always been diligent about cleaning so we couldn’t imagine where the mold was collecting.  My symptoms seemed to flare up mostly in the morning so Mom started in my bed room and then continued with the bathrooms and the other rooms I hung out in. Before the week was over she had disinfected the entire house but my allergies didn’t seem any better. Dad started to do some research and talked to some friends about what was going on.  Our neighbor mentioned that she recently had her HVAC looked at and he was amazed that they had found a collection of dust, mold, and debris in the ductwork. He had it cleaned and he was amazed at how different his house felt. Dad instantly went home and called our own HVAC dealer to have them come check our system too. Come to find out, we did have a mold problem in our vents all throughout the house.  It was a relief to finally figure out where the mold was but also pretty alarming to think that no matter how clean the house was, it could still have the problem. This seemed to be caused by moisture that can build up over time when the filters are not changed frequently enough.

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