Putting an air conditioner in our office

I was at work, working for a limo supplier, answering the phones and taking reservations on the PC when suddenly, the program every one of us use for the reservations went down. Not only on my PC but on every computer in the office! My coworkers and I started taking reservation on paper while the managers and tech support personnel were scrambling about. Also, the dispatchers genuinely need the computer program to do their schedules too! The computer room is right behind reservation and I heard that the A/C had gone out in that room causing the laptop system that runs everything to crash, however fans were quickly set up directing the air from our room into the computer room. Meanwhile, our A/C was turned down as low as it could go. I was cold however they got the PCs up and working within 30 minutes… Of course, mistakes were made by most people as every one of us had tried to take reservations without our programs. An Heating plus A/C professional came out shortly thereafter to maintenance the A/C in the laptop room. It was hard to hear our patrons over all the tinkering that was going on; he was replacing the entire window unit plus putting in a ductless mini split system that he said was much more reliable for the kind of non-stop cooling that the laptop room required. He said the window A/Cs were simply not built to run always. I looked up at the window A/C keeping us cool in the reservations room and wondered when we would get an update too.

HVAC service plan