Ramblings I don’t want to hear

I get so perturbed when I hear people complaining because of the price of groceries.  I doubt if any of them actually know all of the hard work, and cost of getting those groceries from conception to their table.  Even if all you have is a plant that you nurture in your house, you should understand what it takes to grow food. Multiply the amount of time and cost to nurture one plant by thousands of plants.  Then you need to add in the cost of the green houses. The green houses also need special HVAC units to keep the perfect growing temperature and the humidity levels. There are some companies that will rent industrial HVAC systems that are made for greenhouses, but the cost of renting can be every bit as expensive as buying the HVAC unit and installing it permanently into your greenhouse.  When you rent the HVAC systems, you are paying monthly and you are still responsible for possible downtime and loss of plants, but you are paying the cost for repair of the HVAC every time you pay the rent. When you buy, you still have the cost of repair if the HVAC unit breaks down, but it isn’t taken out every month. Whether raising cattle for milk, or raising vegetable, or fruit, you still have different costs and you will eventually need to have refrigeration or heating, depending on the type of grocery item you are producing.  When you go into the refrigerator section of your grocers, don’t complain about the cost of the food, but consider the refrigeration here is just a long line of ways that costs have built up, even in the HVAC department.

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