Really wanted better a/c

My husband and I looked around the house the other day, and it suddenly hit us that we had outgrown our home.  We had two bedrooms, but we had three kids. We really needed to look for a new home. We were really excited at the prospect of beginning the house hunt, but we were a little bit worried about the process.  When we had found this house, it was a nightmare. We knew exactly what we wanted in our home, and the main thing on that list was a central air conditioning system. We looked at several homes, but it seemed like all of them only had window air conditioners.  My problem with window AC units is that they always seem to have some kind gap to allow bugs to get in. I freak out when I see a bug in my house. Eventually, we had to give up on the central air conditioning, because there just wasn’t anything available in our price range.  We bought this house, and it has been a bit of a pain ever since. Although the AC units worked well, we could still hear the traffic from the street. I was always looking for bugs in the house, but it was the dust that got to me. Unlike central AC, there was no air purification to a window AC unit.  This just made the idea of the window AC units, grate on me. Now that we are going to be looking for a new home, I was going to be adamant about getting the central heating and air conditioning, and I wasn’t going to compromise.

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