Refrigeration is needed

I find it really irritating when I hear people complain about the weather, and especially those that complain about the price of their food.  They are usually the same people who will go into a restaurant and not think about paying almost $100 for a meal for a two, and that $100 would have bought them a week of groceries.  They never seem to consider that it costs a lot of money for the farmers to cultivate those fruits and vegetables, and to raise the animals that give us the meat we eat. For produce, they need to have greenhouses.  They start the tender shoots in the months that are still cold. They need good HVAC and climate control in the greenhouses, so their tender shoots don’t get frozen and die. Once the plants are planted outside, they still have the cost of the fertilizer and all of the time they spent tending to them, in weeding and watering.  When they come in they have the air conditioning, and they still have the same expenses we have. For the farmers who raise beef, chickens, pigs, and even fish, they have their own special HVAC problems to deal with. They need to keep everything cool enough to keep the bacteria from growing. They need to have air conditioning for their animals and refrigeration for the eggs and milk, and meat they have harvested.  When you are sitting in your air conditioned dining room, eating your meat and potatoes, think about all of the work that went into you having a meal.

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