Restaurant HVAC was not good

If I had to choose only one type of food to eat for the rest of my life it would be Italian food. I just love Italian food so much. I do a lot of cooking at home, but I really love to go and eat at restaurants too. My very favorite place to get delicious Italian food is about four blocks down the road from my house. I was just there at the restaurant last night, although I didn’t have my normal wonderful dining experience. When I arrived there, I was seated at my regular booth. But then I suddenly realized that the A/C wasn’t blowing any air through the vents in the ceiling. When I asked the hostess if she would be able to adjust the thermostat for me, she told me that the Heating and the A/C unit wasn’t working at all at the moment. They were waiting for the HVAC mechanic to arrive. I was certainly upset about it because I had never had that happen to me while eating at a restaurant before. I decided to stick it out in the overheated dining room and endure the heat from the A/C anyway. I was just starving and even though I couldn’t really relax like I usually do, I still had a pretty good dinner. I was perspiring heavily by the time that my meal arrived, so I rushed to eat it so I could go home and get back to the air conditioning. I certainly hope that they get the A/C system fixed soon. I like to eat there every Thursday and I would hate to break my routine. If it isn’t working next week, I just might have to order my meal in a to go box so that I can come back to my own A/C in my apartment.

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