Sad by the lack of heating and cooling

Once the kids get out of school for the summer, my wife and I plan a little getaway for just she and I.  We made it through another school year, and that is an accomplishment for us, as parents. We have to prod five children out of their beds and into the shower, and still have time to make sure they have a healthy breakfast.  Then we need to poke and push so they are at the bus stop on time. When they get home, it is the homework, after school activities, and for two it is the scholarship hunt and college applications. When my wife suggested we rent a cabin on the lake, I was thrilled.  We were going to do some hiking, and fishing, and just spend a week alone and revel in ourselves. We would leave our computers and cellphones at home, and forget the world of technology existed. My wife said we had to take our cellphones to keep in touch with the kids in the case of an emergency.  There were two must-haves for the cabin. First and most importantly, was that it had to have a working bathroom, and it had to have HVAC. Without heating and air conditioning, I knew that we would be uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t sleep. It’s been a long time since I have been able to sleep without the aid of the air conditioning.  I know that it is cooler in the mountains, but nighttime can be iffy. The trees can hold the humidity down to the ground, and the air conditioning would rid the cabin of the humidity. She didn’t have much difficulty finding us a cabin that had heating and air conditioning.

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