Sleeping well

     Heat pump installation is a lot more work than it is valued at. It has me wondering if our heat pump was extra money and extra work due to it being a geothermal model. Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning units are famous for using only the heat energy in the air quality, while a normal heat pump method has an indoor and outdoor unit. A regular indoor unit sits in the house, and the outdoor unit elsewhere outside. The geothermal heat pump outdoor unit is usually found buried under the ground. It is not found buried a few feet,  more closely to hundreds of feet! I had no other choice but to hire a company who’s only objective is digging for heat pump systems. Apparently, the outdoor unit being sat underground is way more efficient. The heat pump makes use of heat energy, and it is more effective under the ground. In the Winter season, under the chilly ground is much warmer. That means added heat energy to use and better quality heating! In the Summer season, the outdoor air may appear to be warmer, however the ground under is quite cold. By using that air, I can have better air conditioning in the Summer season. They claim the benefits are supposed to be way better. I feel I should be receiving the ultimate Heating and Air Conditioning unit on the universe. The geothermal heat pump was very lavish and the upgrade was second-rate. The digging and refilling process was horrid. Then I had to recruit a Heating and Air Conditioning company to join the heat pump method with the house and thermostat. The whole process took days and days and tons of money. I am aiming for some radical energy savings. If I don’t, I am really going to be disappointed.

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