Starting our own HVAC business


            Occasionally, I wonder what it would feel like to open my own business. That has consistently been a future goal of mine, but I’m not quite sure yet what type of supplier I would care about to open; A nice associate of mine who currently manages a Heating and A/C company last Summer, posed the idea of us both opening up an Heating and A/C company together. He thinks that both of us would make a nice team because of his proficiency in Heating and AC technology and my background in business and finance, and I think he could be right.

             Though both of us both know that this is a goal for a few years from now, I think it’s a feasible one.. Heating and A/C installation and maintenance seems to be a requirement that will consistently be around, and that’s the type of supplier I am trying to get into. I need to do some reading up on heating and cooling systems and technology so that I’m current by the time both of us start the business.

             I think that will be a nice challenge for me, for my ideal career is to be the head of a company and to have the flexibility to have more time in my personal life. With my friend’s input, I think I could be there in a few years. We already know that we work well together, so I think we’re absolutely on to something with our plan. I can hardly wait to get it started! The two of us have plenty of time to weed out all of the specifics and information that we need. I think we’re moving at an absolutely fine pace.

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