Staying happy

There was this lovely new cafe that my wife and I finally decided to go check out. When we found time to go, the first thing we noticed upon entry was how fantastic the food smelled! We sat in a comfortable booth to order our food, and I really admired the place’s decor. There was even gentle music playing in the background that wasn’t too bad. When both of us finally started eating, I was seriously impressed with the quality of the meals we ordered. Unfortunately, my impressions stopped being positive when I observed how cold it was in the place! Even though everything tasted great, I kept shivering inside of the location. I asked the manager if they could adjust the temperature control to warm the place up a little bit, but their Heating and A/C system was locked at a cold temperature setting to offset all the cooking going on in the study room. He said there was an error in judgement when picking out a particular Heating & A/C system for the establishment, and they were in the process of getting the correct unit picked out. In the meantime, people would have to suffer from the chilly temperature of the cafe. I observed that a lot of people were just getting their food to go, and while everyone loved the delicious food, they couldn’t stand eating in the place with it being so cold! We decided to get our food to go as well, and we still complimented the manager on the quality of the food. Hopefully their A/C system will be under better control when the time comes!

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