Studying for my test

When I was in college down south , I majored in English. Because of my love for literature in addition to writing, it felt like a natural fit for me. Most of the classes I took were held in the same building, so that’s where I almost always could be found throughout the week. I can recollect one specific instance when the A/C system in the building I had class went out. It was a real dilemma sitting through all of my classes since my classmates and I were way too hot but there was nothing any of us could do! Missing class wasn’t an alternative for me because it was the month before finals, and we had been told we all needed to have all of the same notes. I can even remember our educators whining about the A/C concerns, so I know it wasn’t just us. I guessed that the college had already called the Heating and A/C specialist to come out and repair the unit, however the delay seemed way too long. Seriously, we all spent many mornings suffering in a building that just wasn’t equipped for our use. The whole problem made me ultimately realize how crucial A/C systems are on school campuses. Spring year would have felt particularly cruel if our classrooms or shared spaces didn’t have cooling systems. I imagine it requires a lot of work to keep a campus running. The A/C outage really through a wrench in our plans though, but we all made it through.  By finals week, the Heating and A/C unit was back in pristine working order, in addition to all of us having the ability to take our tests without being distracted. I sure am overjoyed because I don’t even know how I would have passed if I had been subjected to taking my tests in the heat!