Taking less money

My cousin Kenny and I make a startlingly good pair of hands. The two of us have done some spectacular home projects, and even though we’re not contractors by trade, we easily could be. We’ve gutted the fixtures in a bathroom and done reinstallations. We’ve laid brick, we’ve welded, and we’ve set up hydronic heating on our own. That last one  was easily the most impressive work that either one of us did. We did the heating installation for my brother, but he already had the boiler plan in his basement, but what we had to do was first rip up the all the floors. We tore out carpet, tile, and plastic flooring. Then we put piping in the flooring, while making sure it connected to the boiler system. When we linked all the piping together we set it up in a pattern so that every surface of the floor had heating. This way there would be no out-of-place warm areas or any cold spots once every it was all said and done. After all the piping was connected to the boiler and ran through itself, the two of us put the floors back. We had a new carpet that we put over the hardwood we set down, and after the whole process was over the heating system worked like a charm. The boiler heats the water up, sends it flowing through all the piping that was laid out. Every spot with piping piping under it warmed right up. The heat goes on up to the floorboards, then the flooring is dead. My brother was very impressed with the work we did. Kenny and I were amazed we could finish it in the first place, let alone that easily.

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