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When I went over to a friend’s abode the other afternoon, it was genuinely overheated in his room, however I asked him what was going on with the temperature control, he explained he had an iguana and he must keep the room nice and humid for him to remain comfortable, I asked him why he didn’t just use a heater lamp that all the other people do, and he said he could use a heat lamp, although he would not want to risk the iguana becoming too frosty regardless. I looked at the pen with the iguana and there it was, there was a heat lamp. I figured perhaps the iguana felt a little overheated but I didn’t know that much about reptiles. When the friend asked me if I would like to do some video games, I had to say no because I honestly felt that I was going to fall out from the extreme heat in his room. I told him I must have a frosty drink so we went into the kitchen. It was perfectly wonderful in the kitchen and I asked the friend how it was so nice in the rest of the home however his room was so uncomfortable, however he said that his folks installed HVAC zoned control for the dwelling and every room had its very own control unit. I thought that was awesome, however I knew that our parents would never purchase something as valuable as all that, my friend went on to explain that it wasn’t even that valuable and utility bills were actually very much cheaper because they wouldn’t have to heat and cool the entire dwelling all of the time. I thought that was really smart and made lot of sense so I decided to explain to our parents later on about HVAC zoned control and the energy savings they could have on their energy bills.

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