The a/c control

Everyone has their own way to cope with daily stress and anxiety. For me, every Saturday I plan a new hike. I live in a locale fitted with a lot of beautiful nature trails, mountains, and streams, so I do my best to take advantage of this very lovely setting. Last weekend I found a new trail that had some new and appealing hilltop views, but those views required a superb bit of difficult uphill hiking. By the time I returned to my car, I was feeling incredibly tired and worried to get back home. When I walked through the door that day, I went straight to the hallway so that I could easily adjust the thermostat and get the air conditioner running. After doing exactly that, I crashed on the couch. It felt so superb to sit myself down and rest beneath the air vent because the cool air was exactly what I felt like I needed after that long hike. I fell asleep suddenly, and I didn’t even wake up for several hours! I suppose I really did get a workout in at that point, and my body needed some rest and relaxation to recuperate from the adventure. Still, I didn’t plan on sleeping that long! I was still feeling a little angry with myself because I do my best not to overlabor my poor old cooling system love that. Doing so can lead to some pretty significantly hefty energy costs. I knew that I had upped my bills easily a little bit with that mishap, so as soon as I woke up and finally realized what time it was, I darted back over to the thermostat to turn the cooling method off.

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