The A/C in the car is broken

About 2 years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach English to students in South Korea.  It was conducted virtually, using an online phone and video system. In order to inspire conversation we would talk about our everyday life.  I would often ask about their occupation, family life or hobbies. Because of the distance between our countries our topic of conversation would often led us to talking about the weather.  I live in a hot and tropical climate but most of South Korea experiences all four seasons. I was surprised when this normal conversation about temperature actually led to some interesting cultural information. At the time of this conversation it was winter with temperatures consistently in the low thirties.  Because of the long cold winter, the student expressed that most of the homes in Korea had an in floor heating system. He told me the history behind their unique heating system and how it worked. Korea has been using a style of in floor heating for thousands of years. Originally, stones were baked to heat the floor of a particular room.  The name of their heating system is called “Ondol” which means “baked stones”. Archaeologist has discovered many regions in Korea with evidence of this remarkable ancient system that was used as a furnace for their homes. The earliest ondol systems only heated part of the room. However, the long term use of this style of heating, has allowed it to develop into a highly scientific heating system.  Korean tradition believes that warm hands and feet are essential for good health. Their infloor heating system is also apart of their tradition of removing their shoes when entering a home. I had no idea that a conversation about the cold weather would lead to an interesting conversation about an ancient infloor heating system.

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