The air conditioner finally stopped

Have you ever tried drawing in the dark before? I don’t recommend it, but as a professional artist,  I can assure you that it’s not easy to do! I mean, unless you’re looking to generate some very abstract works of art, which is not my personal taste. Obviously, I’ve had difficulty finishing my work without the lights on, and i’ve been doing everything I can think of to keep the lights on around here. However, our furnace isn’t having it. It’s not like the outdated heater managed to come to life on a mission to destroy all our indoor lighting, but the ancient furnace seems to have an electrical issue that immediately turns our bright, welcoming home into a dark cave. It all started last week when I was trying to finish my latest drawing. My office was a little bit chilly, so I took out my iPhone and adjusted the temperature settings using our newly installed smart thermostat app. I saw the thermostat settings initiate as well as heard the furnace kick into gear, when our world suddenly went black. I couldn’t see a damn thing in my office and the rest of the house grew eerily silent without the sound of the HVAC unit hard at work. I wandered around until I found a flashlight and went out to the garage to access the circuit breaker. Within no time, our home was lit up and bright again, and the furnace was running only moments later. As soon as I returned to my office and got back to work, the heating system kicked on again and I was surrounded by darkness again. There must be an issue with the wiring of our furnace that zaps our circuit breaker every time it’s turned on.

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