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There was this current restaurant that our fiance and I finally decided to go check out for a change. Upon arrival, the entrees and appetizers could be smelled from the front door. Boy, did they smell fantastic! After we ordered our food and sat down in a comfortable booth, we admired the art and decor of the restaurant surrounding us. Gentle music playing through surrounding speakers also provided a sense of elegance to the restaurant. When we finally started eating, I was seriously impressed with the perfect food portions, flavors and aromas. My pleasure taken from the restaurant stopped at the quality of the Heating and Air Conditioning plan, sadly. Even though everything tasted great and I enjoyed the visuals, the place was rather hot and muggy due to the kitchen’s proximity to the dining rooms. I asked the waiter if they could adjust the temperature control to cool the locale down a little bit, but he said that the Heating and Air Conditioning system isn’t powerful enough to keep the building cool while all the cooking is going on in the kitchen. He said there was an error in judgement when picking out a proper Heating and Air Conditioning plan for the establishment, and they were in the process of getting the proper upgrade. In the meantime though, people would have to suffer from the slightly overheated place with the excellent food. I observed that a lot of people were just getting their food to go, as people simply loved the delicious food but they couldn’t stand eating in the locale. My fiance and I decided to get our food to go as well. Sorry, but I don’t care how delicious your food is, or how courteous the wait staff is, or even how pristine the restaurant is. If the place isn’t cool and comfortable, I’m not staying!

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