The boiler works great

Have you ever seen an old castle, or a fort that was built in the 1700’s? If you have, you may remember the floors being made of stone. Even on hot days, the stone flooring would somehow still be cool to the touch, which made the room feel far colder than it really was. The reason the stone floors worked for temperature control is simple: Cold air lingers at the bottom of a room, while heat rises. This simple concept of thermodynamics allowed people from centuries past keep their homes cool in hot climates. Today, using stone flooring lets the house maintain a cool surface to walk on, which helps greatly with keeping the house cooler than homes with wood floors. I know this works well, because my good pal has a small house on his property that he converted from a garage. The entire bottom floor uses heavy cobblestones that stay in the shade, making them keep the cool temperature going that’s sought after by so many in our area of the world. It’s sad that stone flooring is uncommon these days, as it’s such a practical way to keep the house cool with zero additional energy usage. Maybe the old ways are still the best ways, but I guess we won’t know for sure until stone flooring makes a big comeback in the housing industry!

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