The changes are important

I never liked the hot summer season.  Even as a youngster, I watched all of my friends get gleeful for summer  holidays, while I moped & feared the humidity. Time off from preschool didn’t even reimburse for how much I cursed the summer season weather.  The summer season is sticky & hot. I have legitimately kinky hair, so it never agrees with me. Additionally, summer season activities aren’t rightfully enjoyable… I never was taught how to swim & I hated playing tag or other games.  My parents acquired a small window A/C unit for my bedroom when I was a youngster & this was my saving grace. I spent all of my summer season mornings by that cooling unit. It also helped me sleep better at night, my parents came to regret buying it because it caused me to stay indoors all afternoon long while my siblings played outside in the fresh air.  Now, as an grown-up, my number one priority is my A/C unit. Every year before the summer season gets here, I have my cooling unit inspected & cleaned. My worst nightmare is the unit cutting off while every one of us were in the peak of the hot summer season, so I get regular checks to avoid this. One year, I skipped my regular visit because I was legitimately busy.  This was the worst mistake of my life. In hindsight, I should have known that the annual check was harshly important. That year, my A/C unit broke down in the middle of one of the hottest summer season nights. I could barely get my breathe. It was a large reminder about why I dislike this weather so much. Ever since then, I haven’t missed a single annual service check.

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