The cooling system was missing

I knew things needed to change when I grabbed my phone and had to call my lawyer. I cannot sit here any longer and let matters become any worse than they already are. I expect to see our property owner in court. You see, our complications began from the very first day that I moved into our new duplex. It was a small rental. However, the duplex was fairly modern as well as the listing gloated about fairly updated features such as a new Heating as well as A/C unit. The HVAC unit was supposed to be a brand new, custom-made unit created to surpass the most ideal standards in modern society. Supposedly, there was a brand new A/C system with an amazing energy star rating as well as HEPA air filtration. I also discovered the radiant heated flooring as well as dehumidifying system for the terrible Summers. This HVAC unit was even equipped with a smart thermostat and zone controlled heating, so I literally had total power over how my duplex was heated or cooled. Well, after I signed our renting contract, I found out that what I was told wasn’t exactly the case. These HVAC upgrades hadn’t been done on my duplex. When I moved into the duplex, the property owner said it wasn’t quite the same as the util I had been shown. He said that my duplex was the only one that wasn’t finished at the moment. He promised that the Heating as well as A/C specialists would be in to resolve the final component needs before I moved the unit. Then he swapped the estimated Heating as well as A/C completion to “any day” after I went in. After months of waiting, I realized that this duplex was nothing more than a scam.

HEPA filter