The dishwasher does it’s job

I’ve dealt with serious, unrelenting asthma for as long as I can remember. Most days, it’s not that much of a handicap – but it’s easily something that I must keep in mind, as I can have an asthma attack if I’m not careful. It wasn’t long before I realized the importance and significance of indoor air quality in my home, as I could tell the different qualities of my parent’s home versus my first apartment. It has been incredibly useful and beneficial for my health to have an air purifier to keep the air quality at a nice level. It allows me to breathe more comfortably, and absolutely increases my quality of life. A life spent sneezing and coughing is a rough life to live! Fortunately, I was able to get a nice air purification system after I moved into this apartment, and the difference was huge. I’m so glad I could seamlessly install the air purifier in my apartment, because my life would be much harder to deal with! One of the most important things I could do for myself in this life is make sure I can be as comfortable as I can, and having my home act as a haven from the pollen, dander and other aggravators for my asthma is very important to me.

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