The heated flooring is great

Anytime you watch a romantic movie it usually includes fixing something in a house.  It’s a real bonding moment for the couple and goes real smooth. The young couple choices their paint colors, paints and decorates at the end.  Everything goes really well. They laugh, cuddle and then drink wine when they are done! My girlfriend Stella and I decided to buy a ranch style home to remodel.  Our experience was nothing like the romantic movie fix up montage. In our defense Stella and I are not handy people naturally. The worst part of our renovation was when we tried to install our central a/c. Luckily, the home already had the air ducts in place.  It seemed simple enough, all we needed to do was connect, mount and properly install the a/c. First, the a/c was way heavier than we thought it was going to be. Stella ended up dropping her half and dented the unit. There was not loving giggling at this point.  Mounting the A/C component was not a laughing moment either. We did not have the right tools and I don’t really know if it is real secure. Next, hooking the air duct to the a/c was like trying to speak Swahili. I looked at images online, watch DIY videos and tried to remember all of the information. Stella thinks I did it wrong, I suppose I did it good enough! Our cooling system does work.  We get A/C in every room of the house, without any trouble. Honestly, The a/c looks rough and makes a super loud noise. My girlfriend says this is because we did a horrible job. I am willing to let the noise go since I don’t want to go through the A/C installation process again. I suppose we did nice enough for being a normal romantic couple, rather than a romantic movie couple. Our montage would have been pathetic.

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