The hotel needs a conference

I tend to travel a lot for my job. I usually spend my whole day driving from 1 location to another. My work is being a problem solver. Really, my task title is resource supervisor, and really, I just spend our time trying to make everyone else’s task nicer. Last week, I was sent to the offices on the other side of the states. All of us have more than one main offices, 1 on the north coast plus 1 on the southern coast. The northern coast office was in need of a new human resources supervisor, plus I was in charge of getting started the interviews. The boss sent me over there for a couple of weeks. Luckily, the hotel was close to the office. I had several dates tied up for the first week, plus a few other ones tied up for the second week. Before I left to go back to the house, I had to choose a new dealer for the northern coast branch. A few days after I came there, I had another concern to deal with. The indoor air pollen levels in the northern coast branch was easily bad. The Heating & Air Conditioning unit did not seem to be dealing with the indoor air pollen levels. While I was in the workspace, I decided to call the local Heating & Air Conditioning provider. If I was upset by the air quality, I had no doubt the workers were also nervous. The Heating & Air Conditioning dealer looked over our system plus determined that every one of us had a few problems in our air ducts.

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