The new heater in our house

I really have to travel a lot for work. Whenever I’m out of town, my husband Joe constantly has to turn up the thermostat control unit; he likes to jump into bed and put his cold feet on me, so when I’m not there he says that he can’t ever get warm. I usually get so mad at him for freezing my warm legs with his feet! I suppose it’s funny that he has to use me as a heater. But I don’t understand why he won’t just wear slippers in our house. The two of us have tile & hardwood floors throughout our house, so the floors get honestly cold, especially in the Winter season. It’s not as if we have have radiant floors or radiant heating, but I honestly wish we did! The last time I went on an extended supplier trip, I was gone for two whole weeks. My poor husband said that he stayed cold for the entire time I was gone out of town. He had the gas furnace temperature turned up to almost 80 degrees, plus he put a little area heating system next to our bed upstairs. He said that even with those heating units, he still couldn’t manage to get warm. I suppose he must have poor circulation or something! I don’t understand why he stays so cold all the time. You would think that we kept the A/C running throughout the winter, the way that he complains & bundles up inside the house. He was so thrilled to see me when I got back home from my latest trip! But I entirely wasn’t blissful to see our gas furnace & heating bill for the weeks when I was away; it was nearly twice as much as it usually is!  

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