The size heater I want

My husband and I always wanted to redo our kitchen. We wanted to keep our boiler system, but now we’re looking at installing an outdoor A/C and just incorporate it into the existing ductwork. We were absolutely wrong about this, because when the A/C technician came out to take care of our ductwork, he told us that it was not reusable. We were going to need to remove all of the air ducts, and that meant ripping out walls as well as flooring.  I was not looking forward to overhauling our air duct system. I asked him if we could just remove the visible air ducts that were taking up space, but the A/C repairman said that it would be counterproductive to just put in small portions of air duct, because more than likely it was all in poor condition. We were happy with the mini-cut Heating and A/C unit we had in the computer room, so maybe the ductless mini-cut Heating A/C idea would be great for the rest of the house.  The A/C repairman told us that there was a multi-cut system. It’s one main outdoor unit that supplied the cooled air to and individual air handler, inside the house. Each room would have its own air handler temperature controller. I liked the idea that we could also use the multi-cut unit on the colder days when we need just little bit of heat. We finally found a sensible heating and cooling system that wasn’t too expensive.

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