the unit got way too hot

The other afternoon once I got home from my job, I came into an super overheated house! That’s when my lady came to tell me what happened. She explained how our child was fooling with the temp unit and for a weird reason, she ripped it from the wall and broke it.  When I had to talk to her about it, she was already bawling because her mother really hammered her hard about it, and I gave her a squeeze and let her know that I adored her. She asked her dad how could I adore her when she broke the control unit thing on the wall. I told her that the thing was just a material deal and it could be put back. I explained that her momma was just distraught because it might be pricey to repair it, however that wouldn’t matter, as long as she would be okay. I asked her what went on and he said it was a fun toy and she needed to hold it in her hands, so she pulled it from the where it was . She said that she never knew there were wired connections in it until he ripped it out. And it scared her, but that’s why the A/C quit entirely  working in the home and she didn’t guess what was happening, then momma started hollering at her. I explained how it was not a play thing and that it is entirely hazardous to do what she did. The wires could sparked and then caused a fire. I told her mom and dad just wanted her to be safe, and that her momma and I loved her no matter what she did. She was completely able to sigh when I told her that. I just told her to make sure not to ever play with the modern control unit we would get installed. I told her that her mom and I would get a smart device type! She seemed overjoyed too and asked me about it.

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