They really should get air purification

My friends are always worried about me and how I isolate myself when I’m not doing well! As soon as I get to feeling depressed, I have a hard time leaving the loft and soon I wind up in an endless feeling of despair! That’s why they often encourage me to go out and get a job somewhere. They just want me to get some normal human interaction and perspective in my life. Well, I’ve been trying to do what they say, but I have quite a few problems getting anything done when I’m at work, it turns out. FIrst of all, they tend to have awful indoor air conditions in the local shops. For whatever reason, shop seems to be uneven in their temperature control settings and also very drafty. I don’t understand why they all insist on skimping when it comes to their air handling machinery being installed! They honestly don’t prioritize the indoor air conditions for their clients of workers. Most of the shops are cold and drafty, and I end up trying to find warmth in a corner, praying for a draft of warm air. It’s already hard enough to try to get your job done when your arms are squeezed around your body to stay warm. Then there’s another major pitfall of the ventilation system that ends up making matters even worse! The stinky bathroom! Somehow, there is never adequate air handling that’s present in the restrooms to supply fresh air. And don’t we all know what happens to people after drinking coffee? So on top of being cold, I’m consistently showered with the smell of dirty poop air from the restroom while I’m just trying to get my job done. I think I just want to stay at home.

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