This did turn into an issue

I hate working out in commercial gyms. There’s too many people doing multiple things, taking up multiple pieces of equipment and talking way too much. Too much, too much, too much! However it drove myself and everyone else nuts, because I wanted to know why the classic garage-style gym wasn’t enough for people nowadays, but, after a friend and I had been training together for years, we had the same opinion and decided that we wanted to do things the old fashioned way; We didn’t want to stop there, though – we wanted to open up a classic gym, for people who loved the old-school approach to fitness. The two of us started looking around for old garages, warehouses and the like, trying to find an enjoyable structure with not too much wear. I lucked out & found this old warehouse near the lake that used to sell HVAC equipment and parts, so the building was actually decked out with big industrial fans everywhere. We were going to just leave the bay door open during operating hours. While we were in talks with the property owners, all of us reached out to multiple fitness retailers to collect quotes for the needed equipment, plus we also made sure all of us could get the permits needed to run the gym. We were in such a rush to get everything lined up for opening this business, that we had completely forgotten about making sure the gym could stay cool enough for patrons! Once we had everything up and running, we ran a soft open & let our friends & family come to try it out. People did say it was very warm in the gym, but they loved it – they knew they’d get an enjoyable sweat going, plus we kept several large coolers of ice water next to the fans around the gym to make sure people could cool down when needed. It wound up being a huge hit, plus best of all? Our electricity bill for the gym is lower than our homes!