This heat wave is tough

 I walked in the door after a long day at work on a Monday night last August, and I immediately noticed the sticky, muggy, atmosphere awaiting me indoors. I had expected to be greeted with a cool blast of air conditioned bliss when I stepped in the front door.  Instead, the inside of my loft was just as stifling as the sticky southern summertime outside. I went to the Heating & Air Conditioning control panel plus cranked the temperature down! The numbers on the computerized screen abruptly fell as I anxiously anticipated the cooling air to blast out of my Heating & Air Conditioning vents plus surround me in a blissful Arctic blast. Then, nothing.

               I changed out of my work clothes plus waited some more… Still no relief. The inside of my loft felt like a sauna. I flicked on my ceiling fans plus started tinkering with my Heating & Air Conditioning unit. Surely, there must be a reset button or something, and youtube provided a few ideas, although I had no notion what I was looking at.  I was in a load of trouble. There’s no way I could stay in my loft at these boiling temperatures. It was dangerous plus uncomfortable. I needed help…

               Flipping through my phone book, I located the number to my Heating & Air Conditioning provider. They answered promptly plus sent a Heating & Air Conditioning worker out for emergency a/c repair. The Heating & Air Conditioning worker arrived within the hour, and he had my system functioning in no time. Soon, cool, refreshing air once again drifted through my rooms plus my loft no longer reminded me of a dump. I was so thankful for quick, quality help plus a now working cooling system!