This is a great boiler

After college, my boyfriend got a lake house with some of his friends.  This arrangement worked out great for the first several years but now I feel like we are getting serious, it would be nice to have our own private place, and it seems that there is constantly someone coming and going at his house and I still live at home with my parents.  The two of us have finally come to the conclusion that if we both want that time together, we should probably look into getting our own house or apartment! The search began about several weeks ago and him and I can’t find a solution for our differences. He is certainly picky about the where it is located, I am particular about what the place has to offer and the price.  The two of us need to come to some sort of common ground if this is going to work. I have written down a list of places to help narrow it down, I also am willing to pay a little extra for a place that makes him happier. My main request, above all others, is the fact that the venue needs to have a superb Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. No window units or portable gas furnaces to keep us comfy. Thankfully this is something we both can agree on, so it’s a start! The last apartment he and I looked at had a great heating system for heat during the Wintertime but nothing for A/C.  The property owner said that we would not be able to install a window unit because he was afraid it would injure the woodwork. I still have high hopes that we will find the perfect place for us.

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