This is far too much pollen

I was happy when I found a brand new training class to become an Heating and Air Conditioning worker being offered at my community college.  The entire course was only thirty 6 months and I would then be fully certified to toil for any number of companies in the area. My parents had been after myself and others to find some sort of distinct direction in my life anyway so I figured that this would be perfect for me. I worked hard during school and completed the course at the top of the group, with no problems at all.  This opened multiple doors for myself and others and I had more than four task offers within a week. I believe I thought the task would be more glamorous of sorts, I guess. I never pictured myself in some of the situations I face on a daily basis. Crawling my way through small spaces under houses, maneuvering through attics crowded with nasty old boxes and removing dead vermin are pretty much the norm. When I do have a call that actually simply involves a filter change or pressure test of the system, you know I am somewhat relieved.  I remember one time going into a dank dark basement to test a gas boiler and when I saw the existing condition of things I particularly called my boss to decline the job for the repair. When she asked myself and others why, I told him that there were currently so multiple cardboard boxes stacked against the old boiler that I felt it was a safety issue. These actually could have caused a fire easily. She contacted the terrible homeowner and said that the two of us would return later once the area was cleared of debris.