This is fine with me

Rik takes a lot of company trips, but Rik works in sales and has the chances to visit cities all over.  Rik grew up in the northern area of the country, and never went more than a few states away his entire childhood, so this job is truthfully giving him a wonderful chance to make up for lost years and see the world too. Rik has loved seeing the range of state landscapes, from snowy plains to grassy hills to white sands on the waterfront.  Each time Rik takes a company trip, Rik tries to make a point of staying there an extra day, or at least a few days, in order to explore all the new states he is at. Rik’s trips range from a day or 2 to occasionally over a 7 day timeframe, so occasionally Rik needs to have friends come get the mail and water his cherry trees in his yard. Rik hates to realize and tally up all the energy wasted when he’s gone, however.  There’s no sense paying larger heating and cooling bills if he’s not even there. But Rik doesn’t want to turn his gas oil furnace or cooling method off at all, because then the total loft is too warm or freezing when he is arriving back. A buddy of his told him about a smart temperature control device, a device that connects to wireless and can be remotely diagnosed by his kindle, and Rik called the neighborhood Heating, Ventilation plus undefined company instantly to have a thermostat set up.

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