This is not right

I never really had the thought that some people in our country have no need for cooling systems until I moved to the west, I was given a career opportunity with an organization that was based on the west coast, and before moving there I made sure to do my research, and was able to sign a lease before I even packed my things. But when I arrived, I suddenly noticed that there oddly wasn’t a thermostat to be found in the whole apartment. After some looking around, I gave the rental office a call only to to find that cooling systems just aren’t all that necessary in the region because it really never gets hot enough for long enough to warrant one; That made sense, I suppose, though life without air conditioning was something that I had never ever even considered. While it was true that the local weather was pretty mild around here most of the time, there were still those days where I longed for the convenience to be able to turn on a nice cooling system and get some cold air pumping through my rooms. However, after so long, I did adjust to living there; when I was hot I just ended up turning on the fans or opening up the windows, and I have to admit that not having to run an Heating and Air Conditioning unit honestly saved myself and I’m sure plenty of others money when it came to the utility bill, so that was something that was definitely a plus out of the change, however, if I ever end up relocating again, I will likely have to get used to paying a higher power bill again. I’m not sure which I would prefer–the milder, mostly-comfy weather or having the ability to control the overall temperature in my home. I thought cooling systems were essential all throughout my live, although I admit now that it isn’t the case.

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