This is very difficult

I am so tired of being that people tell me that I am from the entitled generation and that I am really should know that. In reality, I most certainly do not find myself to be a member of the entitled generation. I know better than that.  I had a very rough childhood.  I had grew up in a one parent household and my mother left me often in charge of   six younger siblings while she went out with his friends, partied. She did occasionally worked but mostly lived off of survivor benefits.  Growing up. I felt love for live was hopeless I felt never be able to achieve my dreams because I was basically burdened with raising my siblings with little help from my mother.  As a teenager in private school, I realized that I needed a university education just so I would not become like my mother.  I worked hard all through private school, nursing school, and the university. Currently, I decided to move out of my mother’s house now that my youngest sibling is leaving for to attend a university in the fall.  I make a good income at the local hospital working on the labor and delivery floor. Presently,  I have toured multiple apartments that have rents within my budget, however, so far none of them have A/C and I want a home with A/C. Throughout my search,   I have been talked down to by three  creepy landlords  for passing on their apartments because of the absence of an A/C.  One of them even called me a spoiled brat.  I am not spoiled.  I am looking for my first home and I had to work quite hard to get to where I am.  I do not understand why it is a concern to pass on an apartment just because of the lack of A/C.

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