Useful skills

When you go to work from home, meeting people is nearly impossible! Yes, I have a few friends, however finding a husband is not happening. I don’t wish to online date or meet a guy at our local bar. The gym I recently joined is definitely geared towards senior citizens too, so the only men I meet are the workers who come to perform service on our house! Then my electrician is married with more than two children. My plumber is around 300 pounds as well as being extremely hairy. My HVAC contractor has some possibility. I didn’t say he is Chris Hemsworth level hot. Nope, although he is great looking. He is gainfully employed, polite, and seems real nice. I have not seen any type of ring as well as never heard a mention of a Mrs… On our next HVAC tune up, I am thinking about asking him out, and what is the worst that can occur? There are other HVAC providers in our town. I will just get a new HVAC contractor if he says no to myself. If the guy wants to go out with me as well as it works, I will have a HVAC contractor as a husband. That really would be very useful. I would never have to pay for air conditioning system tune ups or gas furnace repairs ever again! I could just ask my super handy boyfriend to do it. I also guess there are a lot of energy saving solutions that I am not doing with our HVAC system. My HVAC contractor boyfriend could help myself and others with this situation. I hope he says yes to the date also that he is not a total dork! I care about the concept of dating a guy with useful skills.

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