Using an electric based heater

I never imagined that I would be praising the use of a portable heater and telling anyone that it was a great source of heat, but I am going to.  I was the last one who would have thought that a portable heater could anything but an energy hog. Last month, I had to resort to an oil filled electric heater, to supplement my regular heat.  I had wood burning stove that had always taken care of my heating needs. I don’t know if it was because of the harsh winter we had endured, or because I just wasn’t prepared and I hadn’t bought enough wood for the stove, but I was out of wood before winter ended.  A lot of people were demanding more wood, and the prices were soaring. I couldn’t afford more wood, but I also could not quit heating my home. I had a small portable oil filled heater, and I decided to plug it in. I figured, that since I was too cold to sleep properly, the heater would be a great way to put some extra heat into my bedroom.  I closed the bedroom door, hoping to not let any of the heat of the room, and I plugged it in. My room was so warm that I actually slept all night long. I was shocked to see that there was little change in our energy bill. I really expected the bill to go through the roof, but then I figured the next bill would tell the truth. When the next month’s energy bill came, I was floored.  The energy bill was still manageable, and I knew that I had found a great way to supplement our heating during the winter.

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