Very smart thermostats and how they work

Jason takes a lot of business trips. He works in sales and has the opportunity to visit cities all across the United States.  He grew up in the Midwest, and never went more than a state away his entire childhood, so this job’s really given him a fantastic chance to make up for lost time and see his country. He’s loved seeing the range of geography, from snow-capped mountains to grassy plains to beautiful beaches on the coasts.  Each time he takes a business trip, he tries to make a point of staying an extra day, or at least a few hours, in order to explore all the different places he visits. His trips range from a day or two to sometimes over a week, so sometimes he needs to have neighbors pick up his mail and water his plants. He hates to think about all the energy wasted when he’s gone, though.  There’s no sense paying higher heating and cooling bills if he’s not even there. But he doesn’t want to turn his furnace or air conditioner off either, because then the whole condo is too hot or cold when he returns. A friend told him about a smart thermostat, one that connects to WiFi and can be remotely controlled by his phone, and he called his local HVAC supplier immediately to have one installed.  This way, while he’s away, he turns the heater or AC down, but before he returns, he’s able to turn the heating or cooling system back to a more comfortable temperature. The HVAC technician came the very next day to have the smart thermostat installed. He loves the remote access and being able to control the temperature from his couch, his bed, or from halfway across the United States!

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