Wanting more a/c use

I often look forward to trying out new things. Just last summertime, that adventure was learning how to paddleboard… A lot of our friends were paddleboarding already, as well as I desired to go with them from time to time… Every weekend for a complete month, I was out on the lake trying to keep my balance. I ended up in the water on plenty of occasions. Fortunately, we do not live in a part of the nation where we need to worry about lake critters such as alligators, otters, or eels. When I finally got the hang of paddleboarding, I spent a bunch of time on the lake. One Monday during the day, I didn’t realize I had been out there for quite a few hours. I had paddled about four miles away from our property, and the sun was relentless as well as hot. I was completely burnt by the time I arrived back to the property. My skin was basically on fire, as well as a cool shower didn’t make much of a difference. I decided to nap on the bed in the comfort of the cool a/c. By the time I woke up some time later, my skin was beet red as well as incredibly tight. I felt seriously miserable, as well as I was starting to feel quite a bit queasy from the heat exhaustion. I started to get goosebumps from the a/c as well. No matter what I tried to do, I could not manage to regulate my body temperature. Even the a/c wasn’t helping all that much, so I called my mom… She let me know that I needed to drink plenty of fluids as well as cover my body in aloe. I laid in bed for several days straight, before I could actually move my arms as well as legs. That was the most terrifying sunburn I can ever remember.