We all care about this house

The reality of my job is I travel all over the planet and visit some amazing sites.  Over the years, I’ve made a point to purchase artwork from each location. Sporadically, these objects are quite extravagant and grow in value.  Most often, the paintings traditionally appeal to myself and others for some reasoning. I display the paintings upon the walls of our mansion and I’ve gathered much of an impressive collection.  Framed in wood and created on canvas, the artwork is open to injury from unstable humidity. Insufficient moisture in the atmosphere would really dry and crack both the painting and ancient frame.  Excessive moisture might push the wood to bulge and twist, and even lead to dirt and mildew. Since I stay in an area with absolutely long, severe cold weather and hot, steamy warm season weather, humidity is a constant hassle.  During the colder parts, the oil furnace runs at maximum load for approximately six months in a row. The indoor conditions will become uncomfortably dry, that leads to all sorts of atmosphere quality thoughts. The opposite is true while in the warm season, with much higher moisture levels there’s often condensation trickling down the window glass.  To protect the quality of the artwork, I’ve invested in entire home humidifier and dehumidifier, which join in partnership with the HVAC components. These air quality accessories have tremendously improved the comfort of this home and saved myself and others quite a lot of $$$$$. I don’t need to rely as much on either the oil furnace and/or cooling products, reducing energy drain and lowering biweekly bills.  Plus, by trivializing the workload of the oil furnace and cooling components, I expect the thing to last longer and be exposed to fewer breakdowns.