We’re buying together!

I have been looking for a cheaper place to stay at during the year. I live in a large university town. Twenty years ago this meant there was a lot of cheap housing available for rent. There there were university students, there were inexpensive apartments. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stand true in today market. Nowadays, corporations have bought up the available land & built what they call “luxury apartments.” I don’t consider them luxury because they have 3 or 4 bedrooms & a usual area. The housing offers nothing that screams out “luxury.” Each bedroom costs more monthly rent than I pay for my entire two room apartment. With that said, they do have some things that are particularly nice. The best in my opinion, are the outdoor swimming pools & ultra-modern HVAC systems. The air conditioning & furnaces in most of these developments are designed for living with multiple roommates. Usually, that means a smart temperature control because young people adore their apps that can control all the settings. It also means  HVAC zone control. With HVAC zone control, the students can all set the temperature wherever they feel. Each bedroom has a particular section in the HVAC zone control system. I did recently see this one new condo complex bragging that they have even better air conditioning for their student renters. Rather than having one central air conditioning equipment for the apartment, each bedroom has its very own mini split air conditioner. I don’t know 100% if that makes a difference or not. But its whatever will bring in more customers I suppose. I’m confident that this is why everyone graduates with loads of debt. My child lived in a regular off campus cheap house in college, with a window air conditioning equipment he couldn’t stand. however he has no student loans and still enjoyed his college experience.