We’re happy about the entry points

I always wanted to take some kind of road trip for a honeymoon, once I got married. Thankfully, my fiance was adventurous as me, to go where the wind guided us. It was nearly two months of midwest road tripping, when we brought it to an end. We spent many more mornings than I care to remember at times in hotels or inns. I knew we were finally ready to spend the night in our bed in our new home. On our final destination of the trip, every we had to stop overnight to sleep a bit. Once we exited off the dark interstate, there were multiple motels to choose from. One motel looked really dark plus desolate in a bad way. None of the others looked any better. Once we tried the first motel, that we recognized as safe since it was a national chains, we gave it a try. At first, they had a vacancy sign out front, but then they informed my husband that they had no available beds. The other hotel was clearly a no name, while they had plenty of rooms available that we could crash for the night. The big inconvenience was no heat. Their main heating system had broken down earlier that night. Because of the late hour, they weren’t going to fix the heating system until the morning. All of the rooms were connected to a main central heating system that ran through the office. The staff was undoubtedly accommodating about the problem offering us extra blankets. I immediately realized  that was the main reason that the other motel had been booked to capacity. There was no way I was driving any more that night, I was exhausted. This locale was fine, while the staff was helpful and kind. They discounted our rate by 50%, as a nice bonus. With the blankets they gave us for the night we were fine. The room was cozy, very quaint, while our bed was super comfortable. I think that was the best night of sleep well the whole trip, considering the outdoor temperatures were around frosty.

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