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I was beyond stoked on the day when I found a training class to become an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist right here in my own hometown.  The entire course was only thirty six months & I would be fully certified at that point to job for any number of companies. My parents had been diligently after myself and others to find some sort of direction in my whole life anyway so I figured that this would be perfect to shut them up. I worked tough while in college & completed the whole course at the top of the group.  This opened numerous doors for myself and others right after graduation & I had three job offers within a week. I guess I actually thought the job would be more glamorous of sorts. I never truly pictured myself in some of the situations I face on a yearly basis, and it’s always a challenge. Crawling through small spaces under houses, maneuvering through nasty, cobwebby attics crowded with boxes & removing dead vermin from air ducts are pretty much the norm. When I do have a call that simply happens to involve a filter change or pressure test of the system, I am overjoyed.  I remember one time going into a basement to test a gas boiler & honestly, when I saw the condition of things I undoubtedly called up my boss to decline the repair on his personal line. I told him that there were so many cardboard boxes stacked directly against the boiler that I felt it was a safety issue. He contacted the homeowner & even said that the two of us would return once the section was fully cleared of debris. Although the job is not what I ever pictured it to be, I am still cheerful that I chose this one line of work.

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