What a boring day

Charlie takes a lot of company trips. Charlie works in sales and has the opportunity to visit cities all across the world for his work.  He grew up in the eastern part of the country, and never went more than a few hours away his entire childhood, so this job is honestly giving him a good chance to make up for lost days and see his world too. Charlie has loved seeing the range of scenery, from snowy mountains to grassy fields to beautiful sands on the coasts.  Each time he takes a company trip, he tries to make a point of remaining there an extra day, or at least a few days, in order to explore all the peculiar locales he is at. Charlie’s trips range from a day or 2 to occasionally over a 7 day period, so occasionally Charlie needs to have neighbors get all of his mail and water his trees in his yard.  Charlie hates to think about all the energy wasted when he’s gone, however. There’s no sense paying bigger heating and cooling bills if he’s not even there. But Charlie doesn’t want to turn his gas furnace or cooling system off either, because then the total house is too warm or chilly when he is coming back. A friend told him about a smart temperature control device, a device that connects to wireless and can be remotely worked on by his computer, and he called his town Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business immediately to have a thermostat installed.  Doing it this way, while he’s away, he turns the furnace or A/C lower, and before he returns, he’s able to turn the heating or cooling method back to a more correct temperature.

air quality system